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Why Your Annual Physical is Better After You’ve Had a Worksite Biometric Screening

As a wellness company, we see individuals engage the most in their personal health when employers offer a worksite biometric screening and then encourage employees to get  their annual well-check with their doctors.  That’s why our mantra is ‘Screen First, Physician Second.’ The benefits of offering a worksite biometric screening in tandem with encouraging (or… Read More »

Why We Love Clean Eating

As the owner of a wellness company with a dietetics background, I am inherently wary of diets and fad eating trends. But then, as an office, we tried Whole30, a 30-day individual eating “reset.”  Sure, some of us lost weight, but it was the residual effects of focusing on clean eating that had us sold. To be clear,… Read More »

5 Tips for Personalizing Wellness Efforts & Incorporating a Human Connection

We’ve all heard the saying, “Everything old is new again.”  After nearly 20 years in the wellness industry, I think this couldn’t be more true.  I believe a return to a human connection is the key to a successful wellness program. When I started HealthWorks in 1999, I was a one-woman show.  Literally.  I had… Read More »