Why Your Annual Physical is Better After You’ve Had a Worksite Biometric Screening

As a wellness company, we see individuals engage the most in their personal health when employers offer a worksite biometric screening and then encourage employees to get  their annual well-check with their doctors.  That’s why our mantra is ‘Screen First, Physician Second.’

The benefits of offering a worksite biometric screening in tandem with encouraging (or even incentivizing) physician visits are many. Here’s just a few:

1. Worksite biometric screenings initiate health awareness.  Behavioral changes, especially health-related ones, do not occur overnight.  Worksite screenings have been shown to initiate personal health awareness among employees.  Armed with knowledge of their own potential health risks, they can make better use of their well-check visit.

2.  Screening first allows time to process results and formulate questions.  After receiving results from a worksite screening, especially a high-risk result, most people do some research and are better prepared with specific questions for their physicians prior to their appointments. 

3.  Saves time for valuable physician coaching. When individuals can bring their blood work and health screening results to their well-check visit, the appointment transforms into a more comprehensive physician coaching experience. 

4.  More time can be spent discussing a health plan. Rather than time spent ordering tests, the physician can react to results already processed and create a comprehensive health plan for the patient.  

5.   Creates a sense of urgency.   Individuals receive their health screening results very soon after attending a worksite screening.  These results highlight risk factors and any areas of concern.  When the physician can review these results immediately and emphasize the importance of improvement, a sense of urgency is created and individuals are more likely to take action. 

6.   It promotes a better patient/doctor relationship.  Everyone wins when there is a good doctor/patient relationship.  A well-check visit is the perfect time to develop one, especially when precious time can be spent creating a plan around existing results, rather than a plan to capture them. 


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