Denise Flickner

Founder & CEO

Denise is the founder and sole owner of HealthWorks, which she launched in 1999. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics in 1987 from the University of Cincinnati, and has been working in the Health & Wellness industry ever since. She is an AFTA certified personal trainer and has been a local fitness instructor (aerobics, strength, and spinning classes) since 1988. It was as a fitness instructor in the late 1980s that she made the connection between personal responsibility and organizational health initiatives and has grown HealthWorks into a full-service, on-site wellness partner for her clients. She believes that in order to encourage positive lifestyle changes in others you have to be passionate about it and live it every day. Denise currently lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Favorite Healthy Habit:

Biggest Fitness Accomplishment
Training injury-free for the Flying Pig Half Marathon

Current Fitness Goal:
Balance of strength, cardio and stretch. Make sure I get 10,000 steps daily

Biggest Indulgence:
Red wine (in moderation, of course!)

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