Denise Flickner intuitively understood the importance of living a healthy life.

Denise had just the right combination science, passion, and energy to make a real difference. Her work as a sales rep for two biometric health screening companies early in her career showed her what might be possible with corporate wellness. However, Denise felt as if she was still working around the edges of helping people. Too many people in the industry were “talking the talk” of wellness, but not “walking the walk.” That fundamental misalignment bothered her, and she wanted to bring a different energy to corporate wellness.

That’s why, in 1999, Denise started HealthWorks—a company specializing in biometric screenings. She didn’t want to simply deliver the numbers and leave. She wanted to provide real solutions for companies, so they could actively help their employees make positive changes that could be measured year after year. Her belief from the very beginning was simple: if you adopt a healthier lifestyle, you will have healthier numbers.

Denise grew HealthWorks from a one-person enterprise that involved a handful of contractors to a full-service wellness partner with 25 employees and over 30 contractors.

The company culture of HealthWorks still reflects Denise’s original mission to “walk the walk.” HealthWorks employees and contractors believe in what they do, and do what they believe in. To this day, the energy and enthusiasm of HealthWorks is infectious to anyone who steps through the door or interacts with HealthWorks employees at an event.

Biometric health screenings have always been at the core of HealthWorks’ business, and the company has a reputation for doing screenings better than anyone in the area. From Denita (the personable phlebotomist), to the streamlined process, speedy aggregate reporting, and special customizations, HealthWorks is known for being easy and fun to work with. Not to mention that HealthWorks was the first in the area to figure out how to direct bill Anthem and Humana for screenings as a covered service.

The world of corporate wellness has changed in the 20 years HealthWorks has been helping companies build healthier worksites. Health insurance costs are rising, and organizations are looking for ways to impact those costs by helping employees be healthier and happier. That’s why HealthWorks now offers Elevate, an online engagement platform that takes biometric screening a step further. This tool engages directly with employees to discover risk factors and then incentivizes them to improve their numbers. This dashboard-style platform is personalized for each employee. It keeps private information private, but aggregates information for companies, so they can track progress from year to year. Like everything HealthWorks offers, it is completely scalable.

People spend huge chunks of their lives at work. HealthWorks wants to make that time count, and give companies all the tools they need to help their employees be happy, healthy, and motivated to stay on the path toward wellness.