Onsite Services

Onsite Services

Biometric Screenings

Onsite screenings are an easy, private, low-cost way to educate your employees about their health and promote disease prevention. You can’t fix what you don’t know, that’s why we feel strongly about getting baseline results through biometric screenings. We can help you determine which screening is best for you based on your budget, schedule, and culture.  Learn more about these and our other onsite services:

Reasons to Screen with HealthWorks

  • Covered as a preventative claim
  • Privacy is a top priority
  • Aggregate data and cohort reporting
  • Promotes physician visits and health self-awareness
  • High risk outreach

Recommended Preventive Screenings (Age/Gender)


Finger Stick

Lab/PCP Option

Additional Options

Optional Tests

Tobacco Testing

Flu Shot Clinics