Why Sitting All Day is Dangerous & How Worksites Can Help

So you sit all day at your desk, but after leaving the office you run to the gym for a good workout.  That cancels out the negative effects of sitting all day, right?  Wrong, according to reports by the American Heart Association (AHA).  Their conclusions say that no amount of physical activity is enough to combat the dangerous effects of sitting for hours each day.

Employees spend an average of 7.6 hours a day at their place of employment, meaning worksites provide a unique setting to promote and encourage physical activity/movement

  • According to the AHA, the average American sits for six to eight hours per day
  • Long periods of sitting have been linked to an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity, and increased anxiety
  • Employees who are physically active have lower healthcare costs, require less sick leave, and are more productive
  • Regular physical activity improves work performance and social relationships and reduces sickness, absenteeism, and work injuries
  • Being active at work, exercising regularly, and taking frequent breaks from the office improves concentration, sharpens memory functions, enhances creativity, and lowers stress levels
  • Research has shown that employees who get at least 75 minutes of physical activity per week (15 minutes per day) miss an average of 4.1 fewer days of work
  • Encourage movement by:
    • Investing in standing desks or treadmill desks
    • Hosting walking meetings instead of gathering in a conference room
    • Setting alarms on your phone as a reminder to stand, stretch, or walk around
    • Taking the stairs instead of the elevator
    • Adding extra walking to your day (park far from the office; get off public transportation a stop early and walk the difference)
    • Adding activity to lunch breaks – e.g., bring a lunch and walk to eat it somewhere else
    • Working out instead of dining out – hit the gym instead of a local restaurant
    • Drinking more Water – not only is staying hydrated important for good health, it means more trips to the bathroom and water cooler for refills
    • Posting office exercise cards so employees have a resource for easy in-office exercise


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