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Do Your Employees Like Coming to Work? Your Wellness Program’s Success Could Depend on It

As a wellness company, we work tirelessly to help our clients create the healthiest worksites possible.   But well before you launch your first corporate step challenge, it makes sense to take the pulse of your worksite culture.  It could be the difference between a successful wellness program and one that never takes flight. Full disclosure:… Read More »

Are you Part of the Reason Your Employees are not Getting Their Preventative Screenings?

Preventive care is often an afterthought. Waiting The until disaster strikes — rather than using preventive medicine — is a major factor in Americans spending so much on health care expenses and employer healthcare costs. But could you be part of the problem? Health problems result in 69 million workers reporting missed days due to… Read More »

Why We Love Clean Eating

As the owner of a wellness company with a dietetics background, I am inherently wary of diets and fad eating trends. But then, as an office, we tried Whole30, a 30-day individual eating “reset.”  Sure, some of us lost weight, but it was the residual effects of focusing on clean eating that had us sold. To be clear,… Read More »