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Why We Love Clean Eating

As the owner of a wellness company with a dietetics background, I am inherently wary of diets and fad eating trends. But then, as an office, we tried Whole30, a 30-day individual eating “reset.”  Sure, some of us lost weight, but it was the residual effects of focusing on clean eating that had us sold. To be clear,… Read More »

USE IT OR LOSE IT! (Do you have plans for your wellness dollars?)

Wait…what ARE wellness dollars? Wellness dollars are fund that insurance providers offer to reimburse you for the investment in your company’s wellness initiatives. They actually set aside extra dollars for you to use!  These funds can go a long way in supplementing or reimbursing existing activities that help create a healthier workplace.  The trick is to… Read More »

5 Tips for Personalizing Wellness Efforts & Incorporating a Human Connection

We’ve all heard the saying, “Everything old is new again.”  After nearly 20 years in the wellness industry, I think this couldn’t be more true.  I believe a return to a human connection is the key to a successful wellness program. When I started HealthWorks in 1999, I was a one-woman show.  Literally.  I had… Read More »