How to Tell if Your Wellness Program Needs to be Refreshed.

Just like anything else, a wellness program can have a ”shelf life” and may need to be refreshed to keep employees engaged and enthusiastic.  How do you know when it’s time?  If you can answer yes to the following, then maybe it’s time to mix things up:


  1. Employee participation levels are declining – you started out with strong participation but now even the “usual suspects” are starting to fall off a bit.
  2. Employee morale is low- workplace stressors, such as layoffs or decline in business performance, can have a negative impact on wellness program engagement. This, coupled with fewer volunteers to assist with these programs can lead to the belief that wellbeing is not core business strategy.
  3. Health and wellbeing benchmarks are stagnant- Biometric data and engagement in preventive exams are great methods of measuring progress, but if you aren’t seeing positive progression, it may be time to add some dimension to your efforts.

What now? Consider:

  1. Surveying your employees
    • Find out why they might not be participating
    • What they want to get out of a program
    • How the company can best support them, and
    • The type of incentive that would motivate them to participate

2. Asking yourself if your communication approach may be impeding your ability you make an impact and connect with your employees.

    • Do you need more targeted communication methods?
    • Do your employees understand how to participate?

3. Including “out of the box” initiatives that contribute to overall well-being, such as:

    • Linking your initiatives with charitable cause
    • Programs that focus on stress reduction, mindfulness, financial advisement or health coaching that allow employees to set personal goals that can result in higher performance at work.
    • Consider including premium incentives or personalized health coaching

4. The importance of making it personal. Employees respond best to programs with a human touch- Whether it’s recognition internally, or through a wellness partner who can make personal outreaches.

5. Integrating your wellness branding into your culture – overlay day-to-day activities with wellness initiatives, for example, hold walking meetings; allow flex time for more work/life balance; or other opportunities to weave wellness into the every day.

For information about how to breath new life into your wellness program, contact:

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