Stacey Kelley

Cleveland Coordinator

Stacey joined HealthWorks in 2014 as Cleveland Coordinator, to oversee health screening events in the Cleveland area. She graduated from Cleveland State University in 1997, with a BS in Exercise Physiology. Stacey began her career as a Program Manager at GE Lighting’s corporate fitness center, where she was responsible for overseeing all fitness center and health promotion activities, supervising staff and coordinating the development and implementation of fitness programs, health education activities, program promotion and special events. In 2001, she joined the United States Air Force and earned a Master’s degree in Health Psychology from Capella University. Upon completion of her four-year tour, she continued her work in the wellness field as a Health Management Consultant in which she guided employers through the development and implementation of an overall health promotion strategy. Stacey lives in Cleveland with her husband, their two children, and dog, Cake.

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Favorite Healthy Habit:
Running and cooking good-tasting, healthy meals

Biggest Fitness Accomplishment
Training for and completing the Chicago Marathon

Current Fitness Goal:
Add more weight training into her routine to balance out the cardio

Biggest Indulgence:
Homemade Pizza

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