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1.      Make delivery dates available per department, they can still be set up at the company level which would be the default, but tie the delivery dates to values such as :  TALBERTH HOUSE EXECUTIVE OFFICE – (SAFEGUARDS). Allow Mailender to add delivery dates to each ‘ship to’ within the customer account – they are aware that this will be a lot more work, but this is the request.  They want to go to each user and set up delivery calendar related to each user.  It can be stored at the user level vs. company.  Each Ship To value needs to have their own delivery dates.   2.      Create a force password update in system to go out on 4/1. On all pages, they want all items to be on a single page if possible, not on multiple pages – look at Brooks Bothers.  It loads all the images and refreshes the screen as they scroll down through it.
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