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Tracking exercise or other healthy habits can help your employees reach personal goals, stay on track, or chart progress. HealthWorks has an easy-to-use online activity tracker that can be used by your employees to record their personal healthy activities and/or can be used as a tracking tool for company-wide fitness, weight-loss, or educational programs/goals.

Use the activity tracker in conjunction with your wellness programs.  Activities can have points associated with them based on duration, participation, or distance.  Activity or participation can be rewarded with prizes, health care premium reductions, and more.  HealthWorks can help you customize goals that work best for your organization.

Our clients use our Activity Tracker to:
  • Track/award points for internal walking programs
  • Award points for preventative activities (such as annual physicals and flu shots)
  • Track/award points for participation in weight loss challenges
  • Award fitness points

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