Donna Schnicke

Director of New Business

Donna joined HealthWorks in 2020 with the aspiration to make the world a healthier place one company at a time. She spent 14 years with Strategic Benefits working with clients to develop well-being programs to address the total health needs of their teams in addition to many other responsibilities. Prior to joining Strategic, she was an event planner and fundraiser for many local not-for-profits. Donna earned a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with majors in Economics and Finance from Ohio University. When she’s not working, you can find her spending time with her husband and posse of amazing friends, traveling, reading, playing tennis, lifting, cycling, meditating or hiking. Whenever possible, she flies off to Denver or Seattle to visit her 3 grown children.

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Favorite Healthy Habit:
Weight training to improve my ski legs

Biggest Fitness Accomplishment
Hilly Hundred bike ride – 100 miles of pure hills

Current Fitness Goal:
Leg pressing 350 pounds

Biggest Indulgence:
Juicy burger with fries

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