Diane Orzali

RN / Health Coach

Diane Orzali is a Registered Nurse who has worked at HealthWorks since 1997. She received her BSN from Kent State University and has worked at University Hospital in Cleveland, as well as Salem Hospital in MA. Diane is currently the coordinator of HealthWorks’ flu shot program, and recently received her ACE Health Coach certification. She is most passionate about health coaching and enjoys presenting Lunch & Learns on various topics. Diane has been passionate about exercise, healthy eating, and living a balanced lifestyle her entire life, and attributes this to her parents who have always been great role models. She is an avid runner and has coached running groups in Cincinnati during her own marathon training. Her three very active children and triathlete husband make it easier for her to keep herself moving!

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Favorite Healthy Habit:
Daily morning meditations

Biggest Fitness Accomplishment
Running the 1994 Boston marathon after her 3rd child was born

Current Fitness Goal:
Maintaining her current fitness level by making healthy food choices, and staying active 5-6 days/week to be able to keep up with her kids

Biggest Indulgence:
Ice cream (Extreme Moosetracks from Kroger, or Buckeye Blitz) or any dark chocolate/ peanut butter combo.

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